Meet The Founders

Ahsan Awan

Chief Executive Officer

Ahsan Awan is a founder, Board Director, and CEO of LNQ Systems, as well as the founder and CEO of American Presswire. He is the former CEO of Occulex, an augmented reality medical device and imaging technology developer, and former CEO of Global CINRG, a multinational biopharma CRO. He also served as founding Director of the Clinical Trials Division of Pharmalink, Inc., a pharmaceutical product reverse distributor, as well as Director of Development at California Northstate University.

Mr. Awan caused operational growth that lead to successful contingent resourcing efforts in nearly 100 different countries and involving nearly 200 pharmaceutical products over a 10 year period. His achievements and success in pharmaceuticals and healthcare have been acknowledged in PharmaVioce Magazine, where he was a member of the prestigious PharmaVoice 100 in 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2011. He brought seasoned software development, clinical development, contingent workforce and outsourcing leadership experience to the Clinical Trials Division of PharmaLink, where he was the principal architect of the TRAPS™ Supply Chain Management and drug accountability software system. He also led a CNU team that developed one of the most innovative governance systems and curricular models for medical education in the world. He attended the University of Oregon, The George Washington University, and the University of Florida.

Mr. Awan serves as a Key Opinion Leader and Consultant to numerous Wall Street hedge and mutual funds, investment banks and firms, as well as a handful of private and public companies involved in technology, software, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, medical device, and other related enterprises.

Scott Allrich

Managing Director of Business Development

Scott Allrich is a founder, Board Director and the Managing Director of Business Development of LNQ Systems. Mr. Allrich is also the founder and Managing Director of Cat5 Consulting. He is a former TPM at Wells Fargo, senior technical specialist at Apple Computer, corporate trainer at both Model N and Adecco, and an associate at RBC Wealth Management.

Mr. Allrich has over 20 years of technology industry experience. He helped develop and deploy the world’s first Sales Force automation software for The Adecco Group, which was instrumental in supporting the achievement of 38% quarterly operating income growth for the company, and he contributed to comprehensive enterprise hardware and software system implementations. Mr. Allrich also managed enterprise-wide interdepartmental collaboration software, document sharing and document repository services within Well Fargo’s Wholesale Technology Risk Management group. He attended the University of Oregon and also holds several certifications in technology and education.

Mr. Allrich is a Bay Area philanthropist contributing to a variety of organizations. He serves as a Subject Matter Expert and Consultant to investment banks and technology companies.

Neil Manning

Chief Operating Officer

Neil Manning is a founder, Board Director, and COO of LNQ Systems, an Executive Director of American Presswire, and Manager of Professional Services at a fortune 500 software development firm. He is a former project executive at EPIQ Systems, a legal services firm that facilitated numerous large Class Action lawsuits including the creation of software to process claims, determine awards, and deliver payments to class members.

Mr. Manning is a key client relationship manager. His achievements and success in the legal and technology fields have been widely recognized. His teams represent anywhere from 30 to 70 percent of his division’s revenue, and he has been trusted with the most complex projects and largest team oversight. Some of the major class action cases Mr. Manning oversaw include: the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, In Re Managed Care Litigation, and Hurricane Katrina Insurance Mediations. More recently, Mr. Manning has moved into the technology development field working with top tier Banks and Credit Unions developing technological solutions to help ease the movement of money, provide simple solutions to assist banks in the move away from the brick and mortar and into the virtual space, retaining and building end-users, and increasing revenue 10-fold. He attended the University of Oregon, the University of Portland, and holds numerous leadership and management certificates.

Mr. Manning serves as a Key Opinion Leader and Consultant to Wall Street hedge and mutual funds, investment banks and companies involved in banking, financial technology, software development, and other related business sectors.

Alison Ostendorf

Chief Experience Officer

Alison Ostendorf is a founder, Board Director, and CXO of LNQ Systems, as well as the founder of Virgo Ventures, and co-founder of Socialwise Partners Inc., a business products supplier focused on green supply chain and scalable environmental sustainability. She is a former licensed real estate agent in the state of New York, as well as a highly experienced laboratory scientist focused on optical fluorescence and confocal microscopy focused on improving targeting and mapping of cell activity and interaction. Ms. Ostendorf is also an experienced lighting design and stage management expert with nearly a decade of experience involving over 120 different shows in the San Francisco Bay Area and New York City.

Ms. Ostendorf is a self-taught coder responsible for software that automates the investment property location process. She oversees a rapidly growing agency responsible for the development of a half dozen disruptive technologies as well as, a site that aids investors with the identification and location of social ventures they’re passionate about. At the age of 20, she was considered a confocal and fluorescence microscopy expert and was teaching PhD students. She attended the University of California, Berkeley, and Merritt College.

Ms. Ostendorf is a member of the Social Venture Network and the American Sustainable Business Council. She serves as a Key Opinion Leader and Consultant to Wall Street hedge and mutual funds, investment banks and firms, as well as a handful of companies involved in technology, software, real estate, and various other enterprises.